Thursday, March 18, 2021

3 Classes Of Teak Wood

 If you are considering buying outdoor teak furniture, then please take 5 minutes of your time to read this article first! In recent years there has been a "boom" in sales of outdoor teak furniture. 

However, many complain that the outdoor furniture is curved, cracked, and even moldy. Usually this happens because you buy the wrong teak product. 

You need to know, teak wood is divided into 3 classes, namely A, B and C. These three types of teak certainly have different qualities, here is an explanation.

1. Grade A teak: This grade teak wood is characterized by a warm honey color, solid, oily to the touch, very dense and rich in protective oil. Class A teak usually grows in Burma and Indonesia. Class A teak only ranges from 20-25% of mature teak tree trunks, so the price is indeed higher than class B and C. Teak furniture made from class A teak wood is very strong and very durable, and can even last as long tens to hundreds of years.

2. Class B teak: Class B teak is usually taken from the outer part of the wood that is half cooked. Usually the color is lighter and more contrast than the class A teak. Class A teak is also not as dense as class A teak and loses a little luster after being sanded. Several smaller nodes are acceptable in this class. Class B teak usually ranges from 25 - 35% of mature teak trees and is not oily like class A teak.

3. Class C teak: Class C teak is the term used for teak wood originating from the outer edge of teak wood. The outer side of this teak tree serves to transport water and minerals to the tree crown so that the texture is softer than the teak core, the color is uneven with high color contrast and is very easily damaged. Class C teak wood has almost no protective oil content and contains a large moisture content. Class C teak is often considered used teak, so the price is very cheap.